Charitable Contributions

Alumni Service Project

The University is committed to contributing to the quality of life in the local and global community in ways that further Notre Dame’s values and academic mission. This commitment is demonstrated through volunteerism on the part of administrators, faculty, staff, and students and through the financial support and assistance provided to community and service organizations. In an effort to provide this financial support and assistance, all charitable contribution requests made on behalf of the University must be approved by the appropriate budget unit director and by the Office of Public Affairs to ensure alignment with our Catholic mission. All requests will need to be submitted online through the Financial Toolkit found in InsideND.  

No charitable contributions may be made via procard, travelND card or personal check.


Beginning on July 1, 2019, the method for requesting a Charitable Contribution is being enhanced in an effort to streamline the entire process.  Moving forward, departments will no longer be required to submit the organization approval form located on the Executive Vice President Office’s website. Items from the approval form have been incorporated into the payment request form in the Financial Toolkit to provide a more efficient and simplified process.

We would like to offer a few reminders about the Charitable Contribution process in general:

  • Following the University’s established policy, no donation, contribution, or sponsorship should be charged to any credit card (including Procards, Meeting Cards, TravelND cards or personal credits).
  • No donations may be made toward any political or capital campaign.
  • For tracking purposes, all donations must be charged to either the account code 72502 (Charitable Contribution) or 72505 (Pass-Through Contribution).
  • Types of Charitable Contributions include:
    • donations to non-profit organizations
    • non-profit event fee like dinners or golf outings
    • conference sponsorships to non-profit organizations
    • donations to local community organizations


The following criteria are considered when a request is received or a contribution is being considered:

  1. The requesting organization's mission and/or activities must be consistent with the University's mission and the teachings of the Catholic Church. To avoid confusion, the requesting organization will be sent a letter with their donation agreeing to adhere to this criterion. To assist in understanding the approach that we follow, as directed by the Church teaching, please refer to the document, Principles for Institutional Charitable Activity or the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines.
  2. The requesting organization should be a registered 501(c)(3).
  3. An organization requesting a contribution must be able to demonstrate measurable and positive community impact.
  4. The organization must have visible support from the University's student body, staff, and/or faculty (e.g. board representation, volunteerism, etc.)
  5. In general, the University will not contribute funding to capital projects. Priority is placed on support to community programs that enhance community or economic development.
  6. Significant consideration will be given to projects or initiatives that involve collaboration among multiple organizations. Likewise, increasing priority will be placed on programs or projects that benefit the South Bend Elkhart region.
  7. The University of Notre Dame, as a not-for-profit institution organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, is prohibited from making political donations or otherwise supporting or opposing a political candidate, political party, or ballot initiative.

Procedures for Processing a Request

All charitable contributions made on behalf of the University must be approved by the appropriate budget unit director and the Office of Public Affairs to ensure that there is proper documentation and support. Requests should be submitted no later than 3 weeks before the event or deadline.

To submit a charitable contribution request, complete an online payment request using the financial toolkit.  You can also access the financial toolkit through

  • Enter the information as you would for any other payment request (amount, payee, business purpose, etc)
  • Mark the radio button "Yes" next to the question "Is any portion of this payment a donation, charitable contribution, or sponsorship?"
  • Two additional questions will be revealed, answer both as appropriate.
  • Enter your FOAPAL detail.  Make sure you use either account number 72502 (Charitable Contributions) or 72505 (Pass-Through Contribution).
  • Add departmental approvers &/or people to be notified.  The approver, Tracy Rendell in the Office of Public Affairs, will be automatically added to your payment request by choosing "Yes" as instructed in item 2 above.
  • Click "Review Form"
  • Once your review is complete, click "Submit".

For additional information on the payment process request, see the Financial Toolkit Quick Reference Guide

Once your request has been approved, a letter to the organization detailing where to send the acknowledgment will be added to the payment request and the request will be submitted to Accounts Payable for processing.

You will be able to see the status of your request by accessing the Financial Toolkit and clicking the "In Process" link on the top left.


If you have any questions about the process, you may contact Tracy Rendall at 631-1099.