Freedom of Association Policy Recommendations

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Since 2001, the University has had a Freedom of Association Policy which guides the production of our licensed products to ensure that those who create them have certain human rights and protections, such as the legal right to organize and form an independent labor union. Eleven countries, including China, fail to meet the policy’s standards. Over the past four years, the Worker Participation Committee has been carefully reviewing the University’s current Freedom of Association policy. During the process, they implemented a pilot program in 2015 that analyzed and monitored the working conditions of 14 factories located in five countries. As a result of its deliberations with faculty, staff, students, licensees, factories and corporate responsibility partners, the Worker Participation Committee has developed a set of recommendations to amend the University’s Freedom of Association Policy. 

View the Report

The Worker Participation Committee's report includes the set of recommendations to amend the University’s Freedom of Association Policy.


View a summary of the final recommendations to campus

The slide deck summarizes the five major recommendations.


Submit your feedback

Faculty, staff, and students are invited to submit their feedback to the Executive Vice President, John Affleck-Graves, by Monday, June 4. 


On behalf of the members of the Worker Participation Committee, thank you in advance for your support as we work to make lasting improvements to workers’ rights in factories around the world.