EVP Divisions in the News

Local, regional and national media cover the work of EVP divisions. The most recent news stories are included.

Auxiliary Operations

The Auxiliary Operations division is responsible for the revenue generating units, which serve as key contributors to the hospitality and customer service experienced on campus. Led by Dave Harr, the division includes Food Services, Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore, the Morris Inn and Notre Dame Conference Center, University Licensing, St. Michael’s Laundry, Cedar Grove Cemetery, ND Marketplace, and Concessions.

Campus Safety and Event Management

The division of Campus Safety and Event Management is responsible for providing a safe campus environment, and includes Notre Dame Security Police, Notre Dame Fire Department, Risk Management & Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and Game Day Operations. The division is led by Mike Seamon.

Campus Services

The Campus Services division is responsible for providing services used campus wide. Led by Sarah Misener, the division includes Custodial and Landscape Services, Work Control Center, Central Receiving, General Services, Mail Distribution, Recycling, Surplus, Transportation, Warehouse, Continuous Improvement, and Sustainability.

Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development is responsible for working with the University’s departments and offices, as well as local, regional and state organizations to pursue and finalize business relationships that have been identified as advancing the strategic priorities of the University or the economic development efforts of the governmental organizations. The interaction with key constituents within the University is focused on advancing the technology developed by the University and leveraging the University’s capabilities and assets.

Facilities Design and Operations

The Facilities Design and Operations division is responsible for planning, building, updating, and maintaining facilities and utilities. Led by Doug Marsh, the division includes Architects, Sign Shop, Construction and Quality Assurance, Maintenance, and Utilities.

Federal and Washington Relations

The Office of Federal and Washington Relations is responsible for executing a federal relations strategy for the University and strengthening Notre Dame’s relationships with key constituencies in Washington, including the Congress, the White House, federal agencies, regulatory bodies, media, and alumni. The division is led by John F. Sturm, who is based in Washington, DC.


The Finance Division works to further the mission of the University by providing important financial services to many constituencies, including students, faculty and staff. These services are provided through the following three main areas reporting to Shannon Cullinan: Controller’s Group, Office of Budget and Planning, and Office of Treasury Services.

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for employees services, including benefits, compensation, employee relations, recruiting, employment, and training and development. The division is led by Bob McQuade.

Information Technologies

The Office of Information Technologies is the central agency that supports enterprise-wide computing on campus. It provides the products and services that faculty, administrators, and staff use every day to complete tasks related to their studies and their jobs. The division is led by John Gohsman.


The University of Notre Dame Investment Office is responsible for managing the University’s financial assets in accord with policies established by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. These assets include pension and working capital assets, charitable trusts, and the largest component, the Notre Dame Endowment. The Endowment supports many aspects of academic life at Notre Dame, including financial aid for students, professorships, academic programs and libraries. The division is led by Scott C. Malpass.