Brush Up Your Skills This Summer with Technology Training Classes

Author: Anne Kolaczyk

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The summer is a great time to learn a new skill or enhance an existing  one with OIT training classes. The Office of Information Technologies (OIT) is offering a bootcamp approach to two of the most popular topics—all Qualtrics forms classes and four spreadsheet classes will be offered in July.

Most of the sessions are conducted via Zoom. Learning is just a few clicks away.

Qualtrics Bootcamp

All five Qualtrics classes will be offered in July. Here’s your chance to learn this powerful tool in just a few weeks.

  • Qualtrics Forms, Level I: Basic—This class focuses on basic form creation and the Qualtrics interface.
  • Qualtrics Forms, Level II: Contact List & Embedded Data—Learn all the ways to enhance your use of Qualtrics through contact (mailing) lists and embedding data into your form and the results. Authentication is also covered in this class.
  • Qualtrics Forms, Level II: Data & Analysis—This demonstration walks you through the many ways to process and work with your form responses.
  • Qualtrics Forms, Level II: Reports—Reports are a valuable way to share your form data with others and this demonstration shows you how to do that.
  • Qualtrics Forms, Level III: Workflow—Besides being a powerful tool to collect data, you can simplify your work processes by using Qualtrics forms and contact lists to create workflows.

Spreadsheet Bootcamp

Have you ever wished to be more proficient in spreadsheets? The four spreadsheet classes offered this summer will help you move to the next level.

  • Spreadsheets, Level I: Introduction—For those just starting out with spreadsheets. This class covers the basics which apply to both Excel and Sheets. (Taught in-person only)
  • Spreadsheets, Level II: Formulas & Functions—This class also covers both Excel and Sheets, as it expands on the content of the introduction class. (Taught in-person only)
  • Google Sheets, Level III: Macros—Create macros in Sheets to automate your work.
  • Google Sheets, Level III: Pivot Tables—Make the most of your data through the use of Pivot Tables.

On-Demand Classes When You Need Them

A number of IT training classes are available On-Demand  through Endeavor. You can find a full list of these classes and how to access them in this knowledge article. When searching in Endeavor, be sure to add Notre Dame to the search field to easily find the technology training class you’re looking for.

For dates and times of the summer classes, go to: Register for your class through Endeavor. Or contact 574-631-7227 or For the Zoom classes, you’ll get the Zoom link the day before the class, once registration has closed.

Originally published by Anne Kolaczyk at on June 16, 2022.