Chef Jeremy Cantwell Wins NACUFS Culinary Challenge

Author: Molly Moran

Jeremy Cantwell 01

Jeremy Cantwell 02

Chef Jeremy Cantwell, sous chef at North Dining Hall, took first place in the culinary challenge at the National Association of College and University Food Services National Conference in Spokane, Washington. Chef Cantwell advanced to this competition after winning the culinary challenge at the Midwest Regional Conference in St. Louis in March.

While conference attendees looked on, six chefs from colleges across the country cooked a signature entree including this year’s mandatory ingredient, a whole frozen turkey, to create a nutritionally balanced plate. Cooking against the clock, the chefs were judged on organization, cooking skills, culinary technique, and taste. Chef Cantwell wowed the judges with his expertise and winning dish, Turkey Mole Guajolote.


Originally published by Molly Moran at on July 18, 2022.