Grow Your IT Skills with OIT Training Classes

Author: Anne Kolaczyk

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Do you need to cultivate your IT skills? This spring, the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) has a variety of classes to help your IT skills flourish.

Time-Out for Tech Sessions

Time-Out for Tech is a series of short (30 minute) sessions on a variety of technical topics, designed to keep you in the know without sacrificing a lot of time in your busy schedule.

The Spring 2022 series includes the Google First Wizarding College, Google Drive Changes with Shortcuts, New Zoom Features and much more. For the complete Time-Out for Tech schedule, go to this knowledge article.

To register for the Spring 2022 series just join the Time-Out for Tech Google group. (Previous registrants do not need to rejoin the group.) Once you are a member of the group, the Time-Out sessions will appear in your calendar. The individual Zoom links are added to the calendar event the day before each session.

Technical Training Classes

You can register for the Spring technical training classes in Endeavor now. These classes are available in various formats—some are in-person, some via Zoom and some are in hybrid mode. You can find the method of delivery as well as the date and time of the classes in the Spring 2022 Discover IT. Some of the highlights include:

  • Photoshop classes have a whole new look:
    • Touching Up Your Photos, Adding and Removing Items, and Resolving Color Issues—all one-hour classes—replace Photoshop CC, Level II: Basic Photo Manipulation.
    • Basic Photo Resizing—also a one-hour class—along with two pre-class videos replaces Photoshop CC, Level I: Introduction.
  • Qualtrics Forms has a new look and OIT offers classes to help you manage this powerful application. From Basic Qualtrics to Qualtrics Workflow, the series of five Qualtrics classes will help you master the tool.
  • Are you a new hire that needs to learn Gmail, Calendar or how to work in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides right now? They’re now offered in an on-demand format and viewable at any time.

On-Demand Classes

All on-demand classes, including new hire and some specialized classes, can be found in Udemy in Endeavor, and more will be added during the semester. The full list of On-Demand classes can be found in this knowledge article.

If you have questions, call 574-631-7227 or email


Originally published by Anne Kolaczyk at on January 12, 2022.