McKenna Hall Reconstruction FAQ

Author: Molly DiCarlo

Mckenna Hall 2

Mckenna Hall 2The existing McKenna Hall

What is the focus of the McKenna Hall reconstruction?

  • The reconstruction will provide flexible meeting space and updated technology, while retaining ample space for hosting lectures, plenary sessions, academic networking, poster sessions, meal space, presentations and international conferences.

How many events does McKenna Hall normally host a year?

  • During the 2017-2018 year, McKenna Hall hosted 250 academic conferences and events in its meeting space.

Who will the tenants be in the new McKenna Hall?

  • When the new McKenna Hall pens its doors in the fall of 2021, the Enrollment Division and the Notre Dame Conference Center will welcome prospective students, visitors, and the campus community to their state-of-the art space.

How much meeting space will be included in the reconstructed McKenna Hall?

  • Once completed, the new McKenna Hall will have about 20,000 square feet of meeting space, which will be comparable to the current square footage of meeting room space in McKenna Hall.

Who can I call to book a meeting or special event on campus?

  • VenueND, the centralized sales, reservation and event services team, has access to dozens of meeting rooms and more than 100,000 square feet on campus to ensure that the needs of the University are fulfilled. VenueND can be reached by calling (574) 631-1400 or emailing


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