North Dining Hall awarded 'Green Restaurant' status

Author: Gwen O'Brien

Mc 9

Mc 9

The Green Restaurant Association recently awarded North Dining Hall 2-Star Certified Green Restaurant status. This honor is based on 40 criteria ranging from the amount of vegan and vegetarian dishes served to the efficiency of appliances and recycling practices. The hall’s 2017 renovation allowed for the opportunity to improve sustainability practices through the installation of items such as digital menu boards, Energy Star-certified appliances, occupancy sensors and efficient faucet aerators.

Behind the scenes, staff use paper products made from 30 percent post-consumer waste and participate in the University’s recycling program. Guests use only reusable dishes, silverware and glasses and enjoy a menu that boasts 23 percent vegetarian main dishes. Water bottle filling stations offer added convenience and reduce the use of plastic.


Originally published by Gwen O’Brien at on April 16, 2019.