Presidential Team Irish Award Winner: Congratulations Building Services CCP Event Set Up Team!

Author: Office of Human Resources

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The Building Services CCP Event Set Up Team was formed in June 2018. Over the past year, they have set up and cleared over 650 VenueND events, 150 Student Affairs events, and 9 large stadium events. The team perfectly executed these events to correctly match the set up diagrams. The team also decreased the number of hours per event set up and tear down, saving the University time and lowering expenses.

Additionally, the CCP Set Up Team identified a new inventory system, implemented a system for broken or lost furniture and successfully navigated how to manage the set up and tear down of new event spaces in Duncan, O’Neill and Corbett Family Hall.

Even with last-minute changes, this team has continued their attention to detail and remained positive. Congratulations to the Building Services CCP Event Set Up Team for winning the Presidential Team Irish Award!

Building Services CCP Event Set Up Team:

  • Chris Hatfield
  • David Konkey
  • Anthony Mendenhall
  • Bill Harvey
  • Patrick Chatman
  • Irving Lopez
  • Michael Mutchler
  • Kyle Chatman
  • Jeff Elowsky
  • Carolyn Brooks
  • Leroy Nettrour
  • Jason Echevarria
  • Stephanie Mcintire
  • Stacy Montague-Soltas
  • Levonte King

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The Presidential Team Irish Award recognizes staff teams who have exemplified the University’s Core Values of accountability, teamwork, integrity, leadership in excellence and leadership in mission during a significant accomplishment, collaboration or initiative.