OIT offers new tap card readers on PrintND printers

Author: Lenette Votava

Printnd Tap Card Image

Printnd Tap Card Image

The Office of Information Technologies (OIT) completed a project to replace the swipe card readers on all PrintND printers with tap card readers. Any printer not part of the PrintND printing system is not affected.

These readers are similar to those used in the dining halls. The only card that will work with the tap card reader is the new ID card (Irish1Card). Your old ID card will no longer work at the printers, and in order to release your print job, you will need to touch the screen to login manually.

If you do not have a new ID card, you can get one from the Campus Card Office, 423 Grace Hall, during the week Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. Be sure to bring your current ID card with you. For questions about ID cards, please contact the Campus Card Office at idcard@nd.edu or visit irish1card.nd.edu.

Originally published by Lenette Votava at oit.nd.edu on January 16, 2018.