Recruit more effectively with employment page on new HR website

Author: Anna McKeever, Human Resources

Hr Employment

People may not be surprised to learn one of the most popular pages on the Human Resources website is the employment page. That trend is expected to continue on the new streamlined HR website, which debuted just a week ago. Here are some highlights of the tools now available to help you recruit more effectively. 


Embedded elevator speech

If you’re looking to give prospective employees a quick overview of why they might enjoy working at Notre Dame, it's all there (scroll to middle of page). Focus groups and surveys with current employees taught HR that people want to work at Notre Dame largely because of the University’s comprehensive benefits and compensation package, opportunities for advancement and the mission and culture. HR highlights these three employment differentiators on the employment page.

Why Work Web

Show the total value of working at ND

HR wanted to make sure people get the whole story of what it’s like to work at Notre Dame. To help supervisors tell the full benefits and compensation story, HR provides a benefits and compensation package calculator and benefits summaries. Click through the benefits summaries to see all the offered benefits laid out by employee type in an easy-to-read format. Click on the calculator to compare the salary someone’s getting in a different geographic location to the equivalent salary in the South Bend region given the area’s reasonable cost of living. Now, add the cost of the marquee benefits we receive, which includes the retirement benefit, the tuition benefit for children and medical insurance benefits, to get a better idea of the total value of employment at the University.

Benefits Web

Demonstrate what it’s like to live and work here

HR has included on the site resources that help showcase what it’s like to live and work in the South Bend region (scroll to bottom of page) and community. With quick links to the Visit South Bend/Mishawaka site, (which helps you find anything you may be looking for in our community) and, people can get a pretty good idea from afar of what it would be like if they were here.

Living Web

The employment page also includes a list of frequently asked questions from applicants, information on our Dual Career Assistance Program and quick links to our page and the page that describes our University’s mission. 

Next week, NDWorks Weekly will feature a story on the benefits and compensation page.

Originally published by Anna McKeever, Human Resources at on July 06, 2021.