University enacts new policy on outsourced print buying


In an initiative led by University leadership and a committee of key stakeholders from across campus, and supported by Procurement Services, the University has enacted a policy for buying print products through preferred partner suppliers.

In 2019, the University used 60 separate suppliers. The objective for this initiative was to reduce this number to a reasonable selection of partners that can meet demand while providing excellent service and high-quality production. After a thorough RFP process, the committee has selected 13 companies to be Notre Dame’s preferred suppliers going forward. The University will continue its relationships with many of its longstanding partners. Additionally, a couple of new businesses have been included.

All types of print needs were considered, from standard collateral to large-format banners and all possibilities in between. The criteria for assessment centered on cost efficiency, product quality, and excellent customer service. The 13 suppliers are under contract with the expectation that they operate as a partner with Notre Dame. Each has participated in a workshop on Notre Dame brand standards and understands the core principles that will keep our collective efforts cohesive. 

Our shared commitment to this initiative will yield the best result in cost savings. Under the service agreements, these suppliers will provide a volume discount to all orders once a dollar amount in sales has been reached. A dashboard of provided services along with sales contacts for each supplier is available at; log in and click on Shop to get to print services.

Please direct any questions to Jonathan Hall, procurement specialist, at or 631-5259.


Originally published by Tim Legge, Director of Design/Print, Marketing Communications at on July 13, 2021.