Improvements in buyND enhance changes and cancellations

Author: Javier Hernandez

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On March 1, the PO Change/Cancellation Form will be broken out into two separate forms: the PO Change Form and the PO Cancellation Form in buyND.


The PO Change Form will allow you to communicate modifications to your PO to Procurement Services. Procurement Services will complete the changes, and if necessary, re-send the modified PO to the supplier. A PO Cancellation Form will allow you to cancel a PO entirely.


Many times, PO changes fall under an allowable tolerance set by A/P that do not require you to fill out a form saving you time in processing a change.


When to create a PO Change:


Change orders are the proper method for requesting the following changes to a purchase order:

  • Increase the cost of individual line items.
  • Modify the product description, catalog number, or quantity of items.
  • Change the FOAPAL.
  • Cancel individual line items.

There is an allowable tolerance for the total invoice amount to be greater than the total PO amount. This variance allows for items such as shipping charges and price discrepancies that may not have been anticipated when the PO was originally created.


When not to create a PO Change:

  • Your change is less than 5 percent of the total value of the PO or $50 per line item. Instead, add a comment to the PO indicating your approval for payment.
  • You are decreasing the value of the PO. The PO will be paid and any remaining funds will be released.
  • You are adding freight or shipping charges that are under $500. The freight or shipping charges will be paid.
  • You are changing the FOAPAL on more than 5 line items. Instead, complete a journal voucher to transfer the funds.
  • You are requesting to remove an encumbrance. Instead, email and ask them to release the balance.

Change orders that meet the criteria listed above will be rejected and returned to the user.


For questions, please contact the buyND help desk at 1-4289.

Originally published by Javier Hernandez at on February 28, 2018.